About Us

Affordable Weaver is a family owned and operated professional painting contractor in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. We are well-known for interior and clientreviewexterior painting of residential, and new construction. We recognize that like people, each and every property is unique and reflects the owner’s personal style. We appreciate the process of transforming a room, creating impact and bringing curb appeal to an exterior; always taking special care to ensure the home owner’s visions come to life. We never take for granted the impact a great paint job can make and pleasing our customers truly gives us a sense of satisfaction.
With over ten years in the business, we have the experience property owners have come to appreciate and trust. Never compromising on quality means we always use high end and reliable paints with staying power. Our work illustrates that neither beauty nor durability need be sacrificed. Our highly skilled team will always ensure the structure and surfaces are prepared properly to ensure a beautiful finish with longevity.

Services we provide

Thinking about having your home painted? Whether you're considering having the entire house - interior and exterior - painted or just one room, you need to know what to look for in selecting a painting contractor. You need to know what's important and what needs to be in writing to ensure you get the job done right - on-time, within budget and without hassles.
At Affordable Weaver's Painting, we felt the industry standards weren't strong enough, so we developed The Affordable Weaver Promise... "Your Paint Job Done On-Time, Within Budget and Without Hassles!" and an uncompromising consumer protection policy.
The Affordable Weaver Consumer Protection Policy consists of 6 critical quality standards we comply with (in writing) every time we serve you. We feel that you should demand these standards from any painting contractor to PROVE they are capable of performing at the highest level within these six areas:

Finishing The Job "On-Time"

serv_1Do you want your paint job completed quickly with a high level of quality? Most people do. But, some contractors book as many jobs as possible - then, push back or postpone start dates. Worse yet, they may start your job and then leave for days while they "start" other jobs, tying up as many prospects as possible.
WE DON'T OVERBOOK and our quality power team professionals focus on only your job until it's completed.

Average time to paint a standard 3 to 4 bedroom home:
Us-2.1 days; Them-5.4 days.

Complete Honesty and Top Quality

serv_2Beware of the contractor who tells you what you want to hear - low cost, quality paint, complete pre-paint preparation, finish on-time - but, won't put ALL the specifics in writing or guarantee it.
We put it in writing: From bid. to prep work. to materials. to on-time completion. Yes! we specify exactly what we will do and what paint and other materials will be used for YOUR job. You'll enjoy it now and for years! We guarantee the job will be done right or we'll fix it - no hassles!
The Affordable Weaver Motto:

Always Strive To Be #1 in Quality & Attention to Details.

Professional Customer Service

serv_3Weirdos, lunatics and losers. that's who some painting contractors put on your job. We have another staffing approach. hiring professionals that demonstrate courtesy, professionalism and respect for you and your property. No smoking, no loud music, no foul language, no dirty feet and everything is covered and protected. From the response to your first phone call. to the respect our crew shows you and your property. to immediate access to your personal job supervisor.
We give you the prompt, courteous,
professional service you expect and deserve.

Keeping Within Budget

serv_4Your painting contractor should help you understand what to look for and what to expect before, during and after your painting project.
Some will gloss over the details and give you a low bid, just to get the job and then SURPRISE you with all the EXTRAS you need after they get started.
We realize that you have a finite budget and a low tolerance for surprises, so we work with you to understand your needs, desires and expectations. We conduct a thorough pre-project analysis and work hard to lay out all the options BEFORE you sign the contract.
Some pre-paint surface prep work is absolutely necessary to ensure a good job - some is optional. We lay out your choices for prep work as well as special finishes and paints, too. So, when you book a job with us, you know exactly what will be done and how much it will cost.
You make the decisions AND unless you request a change,
the price quoted will be the price billed.

Painting Expertise

serv_5Does you painting contractor have the expertise and integrity to let you know exactly what is needed and what you can expect? Or, are you told what they think you want to hear? If your home was painted last year or 20 years ago, we give it to you straight.
Whether it's knowing that a new coat of semi-gloss won't stick to your current semi-gloss coat without a primer or giving you the latest faux paint look, we have the expertise. Why? Because we are constantly monitoring new developments in style, paint and techniques. Our crews have years of experience, but keep "going to school" so you can don't have to give them "on-the-job" training.
So, whether you're interested in a standard job to refresh your home or want the faux wallpaper or textured stone look or need extensive surface preparation, we can and do deliver the quality and value you're looking for.

Customer Protection

serv_6Yes! You bet we're bonded and insured - real replacement cost insurance - and we have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau.
Referrals? Absolutely! And, not a list of friends and familty, but a comprehensive list of past customers so you can pick and chose who you call. We're glad to have you call. You see, 98% of our clients are satisfied to very satisfied. How do we know? Well that's easy. We follow-up after the job with a customer satisfaction call. What about the 2% that weren't initially satisfied? We find out why and make it right because that's our guarantee.