Services we provide

Your Home Is Under Attack!

Heat, cold, moisture, rain, wind, chemicals in the air. they can all cause catastrophic damage to your most valuable asset, your home. They can turn a beautiful house into an ugly, derelict building. They can create the perfect breeding ground for harmful pests such as termites. They can cause you thousands of dollars in repair costs. And, they can even leave you vulnerable to killer molds and mildews which can quickly destroy your home and jeopardize your health.

The only thing protecting your home is your paint.

At Affordable Weaver Painting, we not only use the best brands of paints (MAB, Finnaren & Haley (F&H), Sherwin Williams, we use the best brands' "top-of-the-line" paint. But, this is not enough; we also make sure that the pre-paint preparation is done right. To do this, we perform a comprehensive inspection of the project site, and then put our estimate, recommendations, drawings and specification in writing so you know you're getting the very best.

Here's just a short list of the types interior and exterior painting services we are experienced in providing:

Exterior Preparation including

Protecting work areas to avoid damage to furniture, plants, etc.
Inspecting work areas to detect any damaged, rotten wood, etc. and perform needed repair.
Pressure wash areas to be coated (remove surface debris, mold, mildew, oxidation)
Scrape, sand and/or feather sand surfaces to be painted
Caulk and seal window and door casings in work areas

Interior Preparation including

Wallpaper removal including glue/sizing, sanding surfaces, priming and other surface preparation as needed.
Caulking moldings/trim
Repair screw/nail/holes
Repair settlement cracks
Reset nail pops
Sanding Priming
Coating (painting and/or staining)
Apply base and finish coatings to: Walls, gables, soffits, fascia, trim, shutters window frames / sashes, doors (including garage doors)
Remove all job-related debris and materials and leave the jobsite in broom-clean condition.